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[17 CD Set]


17th International Global Ayurveda Conference

(17 CD Set)


Key 1  Explore Your Hunger: The Story Behind Your Body’s Craving for Food   John Immel, BS


The Mindful Diet: The Perfect Detox for the Body & Mind   Meryll Montano, CAHP


Ojas: The Vital Nectar of Life   Harpinder Bhohi 


Key 2  Ayurvedic Nutrition Made Simple   Paul Dugliss, MD


ntegrative Nutrition   Divya Selvakumar, PhD


Emotional Eating & Its Effect on Mental & Physical Health   Suruchi Saini, LPC, NCC, CCTP


Key 3  Secrets of Dosha Balancing with Everyday Spices & Herbs   Gauri Junnarkar, BAMS, LDN, RD


Key 4  Nutrition Specifics in Panchakarma in the U.S.   Lina Thakar, BAMS


The Food Inflammation Connection   Mary Sullivan, MA, AYS


Cooking for your Digestion   Paolo Di Pietro Cabrera


Food & Nutrition & Ayurvedic Beauty Secrets   Samina Ahmad, MBBS, RAP


Vitamin D Deficiency – An Ayurvedic Approach to Balance   Nancy Smith, LMT


Key 5  Does Biomedical Science Support Food Practices in Ayurveda?   Diana I. Lurie, PhD 


Ayurveda & Dietetics   Dr. Tijender, PhD


Evaluation of Modern Nutrition & Ayurveda in Treating Obesity   Pushpa Soundararajan, RD


Key 6  Vastu Lifestyle Changes to Support Better Nutrition   Michael Mastro 


How Integrative Medicine can Help you Through an Approach that IS NOT – one size fits all!   Kerry Harling 


Laughter Yoga – No Sense of Humor R

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