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Manifesting A Better Future Through Intention

2015 Conference of the Southern Dowsers (16 DVD Set)


Dowsing to Make the World We Want : Raymon Grace


Perception & the Collective Rebirth : Penny Kelly


New Kids, New World & the Crucial Need For Dowsers As Mentors : P.M.H. Atwater


In the Beginning Was Frequency : Dale Allen Hoffman


Heal & Awaken Invocations : Benjamin Bernstein


Dowsing Bosnian Pyramids, Stone Circles, & Giants in the SW : Sandee Mac


Divine Wizardry: The True Nature of the Earth Energies : Joey Korn


Power of  Thought, Crop Circles & our Greater Connection : Brian & Pam Crissey


Global Vocal Link: Quantum Resonance : Damaris Drewry


Sacred Geometry: Pathway to a Spiritually Empowered Life : Gregory Hoag


Multi-Dimensional Dowsing & Full Spectrum Harmonic Light : Tika Vales Caldwell


Quantum Healing in the Nine Dimensions : Jane Smolnik


Comparing the Geobiology Aspects of Major Religions : Richard Benishai


The Kiss of the Akashic Dimension : Kelly S. Jones


Egyptian & European Vibrational Dowsing : Robert Gilbert


Reversing Programming toward Cosmic Consciousness : Frankie Hutton

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