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Mysteries of Egypt: The Great Pyramid Decoded
[2 CD Set]


It is said that “Man fears time. But time fears the pyramids.” Was it built as a simple tomb to fulfill the vanity of a Pharaoh?  Or is it the key to understanding our past, present, and future?  Does it point to man’s coming destruction, or the coming of a New Messiah and a glorious New Era? Exactly when was it built, why and by whom? Sean David Morton went to school in Egypt as a boy, and has led many tours and expeditions there. He was the first to break the story on The Tomb of Osiris in his Delphi Associates Newsletter, which years later became a blockbuster special on Fox TV.  Sean will update you on all the latest discoveries, and present his theories regarding the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant and the legendary Hall of Records.  Then he will show you how it was used by the ancients as a chamber of initiation and lead you along the time line described by the Pyramid’s mathematics and Sacred Geometry pointing to the to the “Three paths” humanity will take, and the dates for the beginning of the coming of the “Messianic Age.”


By: Sean David Morton

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