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X-Conference 2009
[20 CD Set]




Keynote Presentation  -  George Noory

UFOs & the National Security - The Coverup exposed, 1973-1991  -  Richard Dolan

Government Circles  -  Colin Andrews

Advanced Exopolitics  -  Alfred Webre, JD

MILABS  -  Joe Montaldo

Ancient Exopolitics and Modern Shamanism  -  Graham Hancock

Eisenhower and the ETs?  -  Campbell & Kirkland

Exopolitics and Events in the United Kingdom  -  Pope & Torres

Obama and Disclosure  -  Dr. Michael Salla

Special Presentation  -  Dr. Edgar Mitchell

The Role of Hollywood & the Media in the Disclosure Process  -  Paola Harris

The Insider and the activist  -  Alexander & Bassett

All Exopolitics is local  -  Peckman & Viggiani


Paradigm Research Group was established in early 1996 by Stephen Bassett, a political activist and consultant, to advocate in all ways possible for an end to a government imposed truth embargo of the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. In addition, PRG would provide support to researchers and political activists throughout the world in the field of extraterrestrial-related phenomena research. At the 2007 X-Conference, Paradigm Research Group brings together in the Washington metro area a powerful group of speakers to focus on the governmental, political and media aspects of 60+ years of extraterrestrial engagement and social denial - exopolitics. Collectively, the X-Conference speakers hold enough knowledge of extraterrestrial-related phenomena and government involvement with this phenomena to end the government imposed truth embargo tomorrow. All it would take is for the political leaders and the political media to pay attention. And they were invited.

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