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[3 CD Set]


Annie Appleseed Project Breast Cancer Symposium Jan 2011 South FL

Thermography Panel

Gant, Bens, Tomey, Alston


Breast Cancer Symposium

Interactive Workshop


Moderator Julia Chiappetta, Author “Breast Cancer - the Notebook”

 Christine Horner, MD, Author “Waking the Warrior Goddess”

Meena Katdare, PhD Researcher, Role of Dietary Agents for Cancer Prevention

Sicco Schwenzfeger, MD Lymphologist, Management Lymphatic System Disorders

Walter Wainright “Management of Estrogens, Estrogen Receptors, Estrogen Metabolism & Cellular Immunity in the Treatment of Cancers”



From its inception The Annie Appleseed Project decided to challenge the existing treatment paradigm to question the existing research methods, and to propose new directions in Integrative Oncology. This conference is dedicated to the millions who suffer from toxic treatments when there are kinder, gentler ways to help the body heal.  


The mission of The Annie Appleseed Project is to provide information, education, advocacy and awareness for people with cancer about complementary, alternative medicine (CAM), and other issues.


Join in as The Annie Appleseed Project brings the most creative minds in integrative cancer medicine together to present evidence to you.

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