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Cam For Cancer - Complementary and Alternative Medicine Conference
[10 CD Set]


Presented by Annie Appleseed Project

We are the patient voice and offer the patient perspective on natural

therapies, substances and lifestyle issues - providing integrative,

complementary, alternative cancer care information


1. Michael Schachter, MD  Cancer as a Mitochondrial-Metabolic Disease

2. Linda Isaacs, MD  Enzymes Against Cancer

3. Barbara Evans  Setting the Vibrations For Healing

4. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, L.Ac  Innovative Therapies & Compounds

5. Donna Shields, MS, RDN   Cannabis: Why Nutrition Matters

     Michael Minardi, Esq  Laws, Rules & Regulations

6. Manuela M. Boyle, PhDc, MHSc, ND  Macrophages: Friends or Enemies?

7. Scott Rice, MD, PhD, MS, MBA(s)  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Cancer

8.  Janet Roseman, PhD  The Joan of Arc Model

      Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD  Compelling Evidence for Complementary Intervention

9. Tony Jimenez, MD  Clinical Pearls in Cancer Therapy

     Adrea Brier, C.N.H.P., J.S.J.  Integrative Healthier Approaches

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