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Cam For Cancer - Complementary and Alternative Medicine Conference
[12 DVD Set]


Presented by Annie Appleseed Project

We are the patient voice and offer the patient perspective on natural

therapies, substances and lifestyle issues - providing integrative,

complementary, alternative cancer care information


1. Michael Schachter, MD  Cancer as a Mitochondrial-Metabolic Disease

2. Linda Isaacs, MD  Enzymes Against Cancer

3. George Love, DOM  Qigong for Prevention & Self-Treatment of Colon, Lung, Breast & Prostate Cancer

4. Barbara Evans  Setting the Vibration for Healing

5. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, L.Ac  Innovative Therapies & Compounds in the Treatment of Cancer

6. Donna Shields, MS, RDN   Cannabis: Why Nutrition Matters

     Michael Minardi, Esq  Laws, Rules & Regulations

7. Manuela M. Boyle, PhDc, MHSc, ND  Macrophages: Friends or Enemies?

8. Scott Rice, MD, PhD, MS, MBA(s)  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Cancer

9.  Janet Roseman, PhD  Can Joan of Arc Serve as an Enduring Model of Empowerment for Women With a Cancer Diagnosis?

10. Tony Jimenez, MD  Clinical Pearls in Cancer Therapy


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