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Cary Bayer(7)
Catskills and Yiddish(10)
Dorinson / Foner(13)
Ellen Kamhi(14)
Ginger Grancagnolo(7)
Health and Diet(12)
Holistic Moms CDs(16)
Holistic Moms DVDs(8)
Jazz, R and R, Vaudeville(5)
LIU Conference Series(7)
Nathan Rosenblum(16)
New Life Expo(6)
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Women’s Health(11)
The Esoteric History of the Hudson Valley – CD


Arrival of Tribes from Atlantis & Prophecy of Turtle Island
Husk Face & False Face Societies, Lenape
Hiawatha & the Iroquois League
Fredrick V & Palantinate
John Dee, Edward Kelly & British Colonization
Masons in American Revolution (incl. J.Brant, Lafayette, British & German connections)
Society of the Cincinnati
Reincarnation of Washington as Guy Ballard (Master Godfre Ray King)
William Morgan Abduction & Anti-Masonic Party
Order of the Star Spangled Banner & the American (No Nothing) Party
Origin of Catholic Claim to Ownership of U.S.
Jesuit Oath
Mormonism, Shakers, Watchtower, Oneida, Spiritualism
Viele Pyramid
Skull & Bones Initiation Ritual
Vanderbilt, Rockefeller (Rockenfelder), Harriman Occult Involvement (UN discussion etc)
Theosophical Society in New York
Aleister Crowley at Esopus Island & Nyack
Roosevelt at Hyde Park & Extraterrestrial Involvement
Marchosias & Cassiel
UFOs in Pine Bush, Rigel, Arcturus, etc.
Fulfillment of the Turtle Island Prophecy

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