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Cary Bayer(7)
Catskills and Yiddish(13)
Dorinson / Foner(13)
Ellen Kamhi(14)
Ginger Grancagnolo(7)
Health and Diet(12)
Jazz, R and R, Vaudeville(5)
LIU Conference Series(7)
Nathan Rosenblum(16)
New Life Expo(6)
UFOs and Phenomena(13)
Wellness Conferences(3)
Womens Health(12)
The Esoteric History of the Hudson Valley DVD


Arrival of Tribes from Atlantis & Prophecy of Turtle Island
Husk Face & False Face Societies, Lenape
Hiawatha & the Iroquois League
Fredrick V & Palantinate
John Dee, Edward Kelly & British Colonization
Masons in American Revolution (incl. J.Brant, Lafayette, British & German connections)
Society of the Cincinnati
Reincarnation of Washington as Guy Ballard (Master Godfre Ray King)
William Morgan Abduction & Anti-Masonic Party
Order of the Star Spangled Banner & the American (No Nothing) Party
Origin of Catholic Claim to Ownership of U.S.
Jesuit Oath
Mormonism, Shakers, Watchtower, Oneida, Spiritualism
Viele Pyramid
Skull & Bones Initiation Ritual
Vanderbilt, Rockefeller (Rockenfelder), Harriman Occult Involvement (UN discussion etc)
Theosophical Society in New York
Aleister Crowley at Esopus Island & Nyack
Roosevelt at Hyde Park & Extraterrestrial Involvement
Marchosias & Cassiel
UFOs in Pine Bush, Rigel, Arcturus, etc.
Fulfillment of the Turtle Island Prophecy

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