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29th International Conference
April 2018 • Bethlehem, PA
K1&2   Empowering Women’s Health in 21st Century  - Pratibha Shah, BAMS
 Type 2 Diabetes in women & Ayurveda: Emerging trends & Interventions  - Gauri Junnarkar, BAMS
K3&4   Role of Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations for Post Natal Care  - Vandana Baranwal, BAMS
 Effectiveness of Kayakalpa yoga in female reproductive system disorders  - Priyaa Balamurugen, BAMS
K5&6   Menopause & Ayurveda  - Meenakshi Gupta, BAMS
 Living with Breast cancer- Maintain health & quality of life  - Priyanka Ingle-Jadhav, PhD, MS, BAMS
 L1   Possessed by PMS? Nutrition, Yoga & Ayurveda  - Pushpa Soundararajan, RD
 Scientific basis of use of turmeric in women’s health  - Nagabhushan Moolky, PhD
 L2   Thyroid Disorders management for the 21st century women  - Vidya Chakaravarthy, BAMS
 Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders in Women  - April Sandor, BS
 L3   Secret of women’s confidence: Skin & acne care  - Jaya Daptardar, BAMS
 Ayurveda Yoga Therapy for Hot Flashes  - Nancy A. Smith, RAAP, LMT
 L4   Importance of Abhyanga in women’s health  - Vasudha Rao, BAMS
 Understanding & Caring for Transgender Individuals  - Anupa Mohan, AHP
 L5   Understanding preconception care through Ayurveda  - Pari Mudiginity, RPh
 Understanding Breast Cancer & its management  - A.S. Prashanth, BAMS
 L6   Women’s Fertility, Ayurveda & A.R.T. (Advanced Reproductive Tech.)  - Pilar Chandler, LMT
 Holistic Approach to healing chronic disorders  - Shobha Swamy
 L7   Ayurveda – Self Care for Pregnancy & Postpartum  - Alexandra Steele, MAc
 Ananda (Bliss) Factor for Women  - Vie Binga, MA-Ayu, RYT
 L8   Premenopausal Depression  - Samina Ahmad, MD
 Osteoporosis – An Ayurvedic Management  - Anjum Nadaf, BAMS
 L9   Diet for Menopausal Women  - Divya Selvakumar, PhD
 Common Podiatric Problems in Women  - Hetal Naik, DPM
L10   Ayurvedic Approach to Breast Cancer: Scope & Limitations  - Pinky Shetty, BAMS
 Remedies for Breast Care  - Michelle Costantini, ALC
L11   AIR BEAUTIFUL: Self-care for Lymphedema Risk after Breast Cancer  - Snow Shimazu
 Women & Self Care  - Suruchi Saini, LPC
L12   Top 5 herbs for Women’s Health  - John Cosby, DO
 Ayurvedic Galactagogues (Breast milk enhancers)  - Shekhar Annambhotla, BAMS
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