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[12 CD Set]



1. Heroes of the road: Jewish Peddlers & the Great Migration - Hasia Diner
2. Mensch, Bentsh & Pasken  -  Sarah Bunin Benor
3. Yiddish Music & Song  - Maxine Schackman
4. Dr. Jakub Wygodski: From a Real Mentsh to a Literary Hero - Mikhail Krutikov (Y)
5. Dear Mendl, Dear Reyzl  - Roberta Newman
6. Heroism for the Czar Nikolas  - Gennady Estaikh (Y)
7. From Belarus to the Bronx  - Caren Neile
8. The Music of Chagall's Childhood  - Yale Strom
9. The Heroism of Mendel Beylis & The Jews of the Ukraine  - Frank Handler
10. Jewish Resistance & the Generation After the Holocaust  - Riva Ginsburg
11. Rabbis Gershom, Amnon & Rashi, Jewish Life in the Middle Ages  - Ruth Goodman (Y)
12. Yiddish, A Kingdom of its Own  -  Leon Weissberg

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