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Raw Spirit Festival
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East Coast 2009"This is more than a vibrant vegan festival. Our vision is to integrate

Healthy Living, Eco-Sustainable Solutions and World Peace

because together these comprise a comprehensive strategy

   for addressing current global challenges. We feel

               that our Raw Spirit Fest non-profit organization 

belongs to the entire ever-expanding,

international community." 

                                          ~ Happy Oasis, Chief Visionary Officer Saturday Lectures  

1. Genetic Engineering  -  Nathan Batalion

2. Living Foods Diet  -  Dr. Brian Clements

3. Spiritual Life Coaching  -  Victoria Moran

4. Vital Health Essentials  -  Dr. Shawn Miller

5. Loving Raw Foods  -  Philip McCluskey

6. Everything You Need to Know is Already Inside You  -  Markus Rothcranz


Sunday Lectures  

7. Individualizing Your Nutrition  -  Dr. Yasphal Jayne

8. Daylight Diet  -  Paul Nison

9. Perfect Health Now  -  Dr. David Carmos

10. Living Foods for Life  -  Brenda Cobb

11. The Value of Living Foods  -  Viktoras Kulvinskas

12. The Science of Natural Living  -  Queen Afua



13. Transition Panel  - Sharon Greenspan, Swami X, Donna Perrone, Dr. Natural, Amy Rachelle

14. Doctors Panel  - Dr.Samuel Meilcarski, Dr.Baruch, Dr.William Emanuel & Dr.Brian Clements

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