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Green Nations Gathering 2008 Book 1
[18 CD Set]


Green Nations Gathering 2008 Book 1

The Green Nations are communities of people who love Earth, respect all her beings and honor the interdependent diversity needed for peaceful, sustainable life. We are herbalists, gardeners, farmers, environmentalists, holistic healthcare providers, spiritual ecologists and earth stewards who gather to learn, inspire each other, network for the planet, play and renew our commitment to live in beauty and walk in harmony on Earth, our partner. Ours is a revolution of the heart, taking action to make the world a better place for life.


1. Doctrine of Signatures: Intuitive Herbal Practice  -  Matthew Wood

2. Elements of Herbalism: Harvesting  -  Susun Weed

3. Herbs with Bad Reputations but Big Medicine  -  Chris Marano

4. Gaiacology: Natural Treatments for Women’s Health  -  Amanda McQuade Crawford

5. Geometry of Medicine  -  Chris Marano 

6. Ten Reasons to Go Raw  -  Brigitte Mars

7. Relating Chakras to the Endocrine System  -  Kathleen Maier

8. Sacred Psychoactives  -  Brigitte Mars

9. Herbal Medicine and Food Allergies  -  Amanda McQuade Crawford

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