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Healing with Flowers 2007
[15 CD Set]


Healing with Flowers 2007

This ancient knowledge of the plant spirits is emerging within a new context appropriate for our times. The wisdom being shared by the plant spirits is both old & brand new - new stories, new paradigms & new ways of living on Gaia, our beautiful home.

   In Plant Spirit Healing we work with the “vital principle held to give life” otherwise known as spirit. The conscious spirit of the plant directs the energy allowing healing to take place efficiently & effectively.



Co-creation is an Evolutionary Imperative Jane Bell

Intensives - Each intensive is on two CDs.

Treating Lyme Disease with Teasel Flower Essence David Dalton

Bringing Compassion to Terminal Illness & Death Hart Brent

Attunement with Nature - A Way of Life Jane Bell


The Energetics of Women’s Health   Carla Savetsky

Healing Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress   Hart Brent

The Support of Essences

When Experiencing Fatigue & Depression   Kate Gilday

The Art & Science of Flower Essence Consultations   Claudia Keel

Plant Spirit Healing   Pam Montgomery

Treating Disease with Flower Essence   David Dalton

Flower Essence Journey to Uganda   David Dalton

Transitions: Rocky or Smooth?   Hart Brent




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